258. After Church

Strolling out
The oaken double doors,
Straightening their hats
Atop their heads, and passing
Time of day at leisure
With each other, they kept
Glancing upward–they
Did not know why.

Might spy a thundercloud,
They thought–just lurking
Out of eyesight, and
Waiting to surprise–
How it might pour! But
Something, deeper-bred in them
Than minds, pricked them
Alert. Could something
Be afoot, and not be
Telling? Not for sure.

Tom said, “I’m riding out
With Wendel Ray–
He needs a hand
To shore his fence.
You drive along with James.
I won’t be long.”
Riah almost said a word,
Then no.

Waving James to leave
His playmates, Riah
Climbed inside the truck. She
Took the wheel. Then–
Something gave her pause.
Uncertain, she surveyed
The present scene:
Neighbors chatting, gravely
Listening, nodding heads
Inclined towards others’ news:
Could be a photograph
From years ago. Except–
The legs and arms were
Thinner now, hung
Loose with cloth that
Flapped on scarecrow frames–
Discussing family,
Friends, their outlines
Wavering a bit
In the heat’s haze.

They look, she
Thought, as if they’d
Blow away.

2 Responses to “258. After Church”

  1. philipparees Says:

    I visited here a lifetime ago, and loved it a first glance. Still do wherever and whenever I call. A magical modest economy of means for something deeper than plumbing can.

  2. sshaver Says:

    Delighted to have you visit again. I responded to your comment on the main comment thread.

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