148. Afterwards: The Wash-Up

Riah held her
Arms out, lathered white.
Louise, pouring
Water: “Catch it!”
James did, in
A tub. “Save to
Scrub the floor,” said Riah.
Louise: “That right?”
“You take some,
Louise, to clean your
Make-up case with,
Like you like.”

Her friend took
A seat, wiped the plastic
Case off with a rag.
Brought up: “Riah,
Come to think, our
Tractor knocks.”
Riah: “Loose
Connecting rods?
Don’t Bo and them
Tenants share it?”
“You know that,”
Louise said, sullen.
Riah: “Then ask
Them–fix tractors
Like a whiz.
Got to. Can’t buy
Parts. Your make-up
Case, a spot!”

Louise, scrubbing
Spots. James asked, “So
How’s our tractor?”
“Carburetor,” Riah said.
“Mixture’s bad. Took
Pipeline out.
Strainer’s blocked.”
“That right?”–Louise
Counted tubes of lipsticks.
Riah dried her
Arms: “Mostly parts get
Clogged that should flow
Gas through pipeline–
Water, radiator–
Oil strainer,
Too.” Riah
Shrugged: “You just
Unplug it, let it
Flow in place.”

Louise watched her
Face. And smiled.
“You don’t say.
That right?”

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