11. The Town

Stores the size of homes.
One main street, unpaved.
Plankwood porching.
The Red and White, dry goods.
Rex Theater,
Hung with glassed-in frame
For feature posters–
Face, with passion twisted;
Someone and a girl; a rearing
Horse. Darkly vanished beams
Around the door.
Post Office perfect
As a clapboard church:
Government paint.
Close beside,
The run-down rooming-house
And firehouse–the Dechter Building–
Inside, though, the truck,
Sleek and black,
Cared for by them all,
Its hose in back.

Front porches faced the street.
A feed store on each side;
Drugstore with soda fountain;
One grocery, three
Churches, one bank. Some
Walls were bricked red
With display windows–
Price signs, yardage, tools.
The bank, name in gold.
The school, off aways.
Cars parked in the street–
If rain, in mud. Some
Buildings were brick;
But most were wood.

2 Responses to “11. The Town”

  1. Jessica Says:

    I love the way this blog is set up. And this poem really evoked some powerful images for me. I’ll be back for more.

  2. sshaver Says:

    Hi Jessica! As you’ve probably discovered, I responded to your kind comment on the Welcome Page. Hope you got some “hits” from my folks.

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