129. Interruption

Bud banged through
The door. “Evening,
Ladies. Patty,
Are your ears sewed
Shut? I could hear
Babies crying–
Way up-street I
Heard.” At
Quiltings they kept
Babies on one bed,
Took turns one by
One to mind
The room–of course,
Tended them! Now
Their eyes on
The floor. “Lord!
Foul enough to
Have to hear my own!
How’d you like it
If you’re howling
There,” Bud hung his hat,
“And your ma off
Sewing doilies
Up? Well, I know
How I’d feel.” Bud
Brushed his sleeves.
“I’ll go check them,
Honey”: Patty left.

Tom sat up
Uneasy. He thought:
I know what they’re
Thinking. They’re all
Thinking Bud cares
Nothing about babies–
Problem is, his
Meeting was just bad.
Bud don’t know it,
But they do, and
Me. Here I
Sit, the henhouse.
Thomas rose.

Mrs. Mack stood.
“Bud, would you like
Coffee and some
Cake?” Bud
Slammed the closet.
“Now you’re talking!
Mrs. Mack, thanks
Kindly! Guess no
Meals tonight!”
“Let’s go to
The kitchen. A mess,
I’m afraid. Tom,
Care to come?”
Bud: “I take it

Got him
Out the room. So
They turned back
To work,
Back to quilting
At a measured
Pace. Their hands,

They’d stop when they
Reached a stopping-place. Bud
Might be angry,
But this day would
The quilt would last.

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