121. A Request

          THEME MY
          YOU WILL READ?
James sighed and agreed
Reluctantly. He picked up
The fat red Big Chief
Tablet he’d watched Barker
Snitch one day–
James had had bad
Dreams for three weeks
After. He flipped
To a grainy,
Oatmeal-colored page.

Their assignment:
“Our Home the Great
Plains, Flora and
Fauna.” James had
Thought then: what’s so
Great about it?
He had written
On “The Horse” and
How fast they could
Run–worked up to
The Lone Ranger’s Silver–
Then stories from
“The Pony Rider Boys,”
Even mentioned
That breathtaking
Race he itched to
See–Kentucky Derby.
Barker’s theme just
Would not be
The same. James
Sighed, resigned himself,
With a glance at
Barker’s sober face.

“Barker, shoot!
Goo’s come out
Again. Get it,
Yuck!” Barker
Missed the words, but
Seeing James’
Disgust, he touched his
Ear. James started
Reading: “I can
See you used Ma’s
Title looks
Okay. It should be
Fine,” starting in
To read.

Barker, busy

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